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Brown Integrity is a premier testing company founded in 2010 by Charlie Brown and Tim Jones, both of whom learned the ropes from industry legend Sandy Brown. Our company conducts over 400 hydrostatic test annually, numerous integrity projects and expanding our in-service pipelines capabilities. Brown has late model, purpose built equipment, state of the art test trailers along with a highly trained professional staff. Project supervisors average over 10 years’ experience and management over 25 years. Our organization includes a safety department, full time estimating and information management staff and business development to support our clients and their pipelines.

Services we perform are:

  • Budget Estimates, Testing Procedures and Cleaning Plans
  • Certified Hydrostatic Testing with Complete Engineered Test Reports
  • Hydrostatic, Nitrogen ( 3rd party ) or Air Testing
  • Labor Crews and Tools for Preparation Work
  • Equipment for Lifting
  • Displacement of Product for De-Commissioning
  • Cleaning Pipelines ( chemical or mechanical ) to Make Ready for ILI Tool Runs
  • Nitrogen Services ( 3rd party )
  • ILI Tool Runs
  • Drying Services ( pipeline and facilities )
  • Flare Services ( 3rd party )
  • Leak Detection ( 3rd party )

Brown Integrity pursues work throughout the continental US and offers capabilities from the smallest fabrication project to the largest cross country mainlines. We provide clients with industry leading test documentation and records retention services.

Contact us for proposals on your next integrity project.

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